Traditional Kung Fu Training

Our approach creates a strong martial arts foundation and allows you to excel in your personal style.

Long Fist

We teach Jiamen Changquan, or Islamic Style long fist, as a fundamental style to everything we do at Southern Sky Kung Fu.

Islamic style long fist is comprised of three forms, the first of which is tan tui.  Tan tui teaches the core stances, movements, strikes, kicks, and blocks. It provides a thorough and systematic development of the correct kung fu principles and habits that are required for true kung fu.

Tan tui very clearly teaches students the fundamental grammar of kung fu movements, postures, techniques, and mindset.

Master Adam Hsu

Specialty Styles

When students have a good foundation in Long Fist, they can advance and study additional styles.

Baguazhang is characterized by techniques that use open palms, rotation, and twisting movements that generate great force. Bagua employs sophisticated tactics and is designed to address multiple aggressors.

Mizongquan well known for its basic strategic goal: to completely confuse an opponent. It can be characterized by abrupt changes in speed and direction, thus confusing your opponent.

Piguazhang is among the few kung fu styles that concentrate on palm techniques. The training emphasizes total relaxation which results in developing soft power.


We teach a branch of the Yang style passed down from the Tung family through Master Wu Ta Yeh.

Taijiquan uniquely deals with the interplay of yin and yang, the basic, essential, qualitative duality of existence–soft and hard, yielding and firm, insubstantial and substantial. The style trains one to move continuously, alternating between opening and closing the body.  It is driven by relaxed, internal strength.


Combination of softness with strength in Taijiquan [is] the most difficult and much talked of technique.

Master Wu Ta-yeh

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Classes for all skill levels are held weekly in Richardson, TX.  Tuition is $150 per month.

Standley Johnson

Head Instructor

Southern Sky Kung Fu is associated with the Adam Hsu Kung Fu School and has been a member of the Traditional Wushu Association since 2005.

Mr. Johnson began his martial arts training over 30 years ago. Originally from Texas, he relocated from Dallas to San Francisco in 1985 to be a student at Master Adam Hsu’s Kung Fu School. Early on in his training, he developed a strong interest in the art of Baguazhang that continues today.

His kung fu studies carried him into a variety of Northern Chinese styles. Under Master Adam Hsu, he studied Changquan, Piquazhang, Mizongquan, and Baguazhang. While living in northern California, he also studied Taijiquan with Master Wu Ta Yeh at the Taijiquan Tutelage of Palo Alto.

Mr. Johnson strives to pass on his unique knowledge to willing students.  His passion for teaching and love of martial arts motivates his students and creates an open and productive environment at Southern Sky Kung Fu. Students of every age and skill level are welcome in his school.

Mr. Johnson is a professional member of the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association.

In addition to kung fu, he works with seniors for recovery and rehabilitation from injuries and illness. Mr. Johnson is certified as a Senior Personal Trainer by the American Senior Fitness Association.

Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy is an important part of Mr. Johnson’s practice. He is skilled in Swedish, acupressure, deep tissue, and Hawaiian lomilomi. Mr. Johnson is a licensed massage therapist (MT114926) and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

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